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Is Vegan Ice Cream Healthy Food for Your Dog?

Many humans love ice cream, and so do dogs. The two agree that when the temperature is hot, nothing refreshes them as a frosty bowl of ice cream. Despite this, ice cream is not an approved choice.

The first problem is that the bodies of dogs are not designed to digest milk once they have gone through the weaning stage. If you feed them on these foods, you can expect bloating, diarrhea, voting, and gas problems. The high amounts of sugar are also dangerous for their health. The flavors may even be hazardous. That is the reason we recommend alternatives, most of which you can find here,

Nevertheless, you can also feed them on vegan ice cream too due to its unique components if you take the right care. Here are some the things vegan ice creams are made of and how you should handle them for the sake of you and your four-legged friend.

Almond Milk

Many companies have resorted to using almond milk since it is a highly popular dairy-free variety out there today. If you ask around, you will find that nobody who is a little health conscious uses milk from animals any longer. They prefer almond milk because it has a neutral flavor that has a similar mouth feel to the dairy-based alternative.

However, you may need to avoid commercial almond milk despite its affordability. Some of them contain limited real almonds and are mostly water. A single carton can provide 30% worth of almonds. Others also contain thickeners, such as plenty of sugar, and guar gum. So, take care when you go to the market to avoid counterfeits. 


Soy is also another common ingredient that was a trend in the 1980s. It was one of the first non-dairy treats, but its demand remains high for the apparent reason. Soy meets the needs of vegans. But one thing. For you to prepare a healthy vegan ice cream using soy, be sure it is organic. Pesticides and GMOs can spoil the party for you if you are not very careful. 


If you do some simple homework, you will establish that coconut is another popular base for vegan ice cream. This milk contains about 90% saturated fats. So, if you use it to make your ice cream, you will replace your dog’s saturated fat intake with unsaturated.

In essence, you will reduce the chances of your pet suffering from a wide variety of heart complications. This is the same reason humans are turning to coconut milk in large numbers as well.


If you have never seen a creamy and thick ice vegan ice cream, you know how a cashew milk ice cream looks like. Just like with the almond variety, there may be few version of the vegan ice cream within your locality. If you find them on the market, take care to avoid thickeners. Greedy sellers skimp on the nuts to be able to make unrealistic profits. So, natural cashew is an excellent option for you. 


You can also go for fruit-based ice creams. If you get real sherbets or sorbets, you are good to go. As in the other cases, you should be careful. Here, look out for concentrates. Some sellers will tell you they have used natural flavors or food dyes to make it more appealing and delicious. These terms are obscure and could mean a lot of things. Remember, you do not need any artificial additives. 


Oat milk is another delicious option, but many people are concerned that it usually comes with added oils and thickeners just as it happens with grains, such as rice. Another concern is that non-organically grown varieties are often sprayed with a chemical known as glyphosate to be able to dry it before the time of harvest. So, work hard to find organically grown oats.


Rice is another option that many people still use. However, its popularity is dropping quickly due to the fore mentioned drawbacks. Rice milk contains unacceptable levels of arsenic compounds, which can have adverse health effects. Additionally, like other grains, it is low in natural fat, which creates the opportunity to gluttonous traders to add thickeners to create a creamy texture.

Final Thoughts

Vegan ice cream is an excellent option for your dog or yourself. It is much sensitive to the demands of our environment than the traditional options too. However, vegan ice cream is until processed as it uses refined oil. It also leads to the destruction of forest covers.

Besides, a few unscrupulous people are using the wrong processing methods to try to win you, and if you fall into their tricks, your dogs may not like it. That means if you want to go to the vegan ice cream route, you must be extra careful. Thus, when you have no time to do the required due diligence, you should buy readymade, well-processed foods from your store. 

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